Online Dating Wisdom from Hall and Oates

Today’s guest blog is from eHarmony Customer Care Specialist Mark E., who discovered there is much more to the band Hall and Oates than meets the eye! Here are five Hall and Oates songs to soundtrack your eHarmony experience by…

1. I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do): Choices can be overwhelming. You take the relationship questionnaire, define your match settings and suddenly — you are hit with brand new matches. You are excited, but it can be a bit scary. How does one know who is the right choice? The bottom line is:  There will be many you talk to, few you select, and finally one who ends up working out well for you. You have to start somewhere, so be bold, take chances and enjoy the moment.  Take your time and try not to pressure yourself to succeed.

2. Say It Isn’t So:Why did you match me up with this person? I would never even consider this individual.” This can feel like an awkward situation to be in, no doubt. And no one can ever argue about the power of a photo.  Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to someone in the military who was trying eHarmony out for the first time. His photos were the mistakes of many — small, blurry and out of focus. No doubt, those photos would not be helpful for his matches —  if one were to decide based upon that. This is why we encourage you to talk to those matches you are unsure of. The more conversations started the more engaged you become  and ultimately, you’ll stand a better chance of finding the right person.

3. She’s Gone: Rejection can be tough. It is one of the more unpleasant aspects of being on a website such as ours. However, when talking about being closed out by others, it is always important to remind oneself that this too is part of the process. It isn’t about you. It is about the person who closed you out. Therefore, you never want to obsess about the one who got away. Consider keeping the lines of communication open and talking with others.

4. One-on-One: One person I talked to decided to approach her matches the same way one would interview a candidate for a job. She set up 20 minute coffee dates and met up with her matches that way. They would meet at a mutual location, and she estimates that after meeting up with 17 people, she finally found her match. A little extreme you may say?  Perhaps, but here are some good takeaways from her story: Always meet in a public place, limit your time and be respectful to the other person.

5. You Make My Dreams Come True: When I come into work every day, I see a wall full of successful couples who met on eHarmony. Please understand that not every experience will be a home run. However, part of the journey is just getting there. A common theme for many who found success was that they allowed the process to work and kept an open mind.

What has worked for you in your online dating process?

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