New Year, New Love

New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular days of the year for engagements, and eHarmony couples are no exception. Meet two eHarmony success couples who were engaged on New Year’s Eve, and another couple who was married on New Year’s Day. Enjoy their stories in their own words, and have a happy, healthy 2010!

Christie and Dustin
Married July 19, 2009Christie and Dustin blog 1

I (Christie) had two days left on my eHarmony account and had decided not to renew at the time. I signed on to clear out all of my information and close matches I still had open. That is when I saw Dustin’s message. His message captivated me and his profile was exactly the type of man I was looking for! I had been working at a hospital in Missouri at the time and he was working in Kansas. We were about five hours apart but decided to meet on the Plaza in Kansas City for our first date after much emailing and phone conversations. Our first date was fantastic, and we both knew on that day that we would eventually marry. Our values, passions, and goals in life were so compatible. We met in September 2008, he proposed (back at the Plaza!) on New Year’s Eve, and we married in July 2009! We’re blissfully happy and have encouraged many people who were thinking about trying eHarmony to definitely go for it! Even if you’ve tried it before (as I had), you never know when the time might be right for you and the other person! Never give up and never settle!

Vicki and Jon
Married June 27, 2009
Vicki and Jon blog 2

Jon had just cancelled his membership because he didn’t think the program was working for him.  I was taking advantage of a free communication weekend.  We had only three days to communicate, made a date, and knew by date three that we needed to be together.  Our first date was in October of 2008, we were engaged on New Year’s Eve, and were married on June 27, 2009.  We are currently expecting our first child.

Janelle and Chance
Married January 1, 2007
Janelle and Chance 2 blog 3

I met my husband via in mid-2005.  We both had gone through traumatic divorces; I had two daughters and had tried other dating websites with no success.  Chance and I were matched almost immediately and we dated for several months.  Initially, I was not sure he was “the one,” but as we got to know each other better, I grew to love him deeply.  He was wonderful with my daughters and obviously a man of integrity with whom I had much in common.  It seemed eHarmony knew me better than I knew myself!  We were married on New Year’s Day 2007.  Our baby girl was born a year later and is the light of our lives.  I am so grateful for eHarmony – I would never have met the love of my life without it.

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