New on eHarmony Advice: The Divorced Men’s Guide to Dating


I’m Grant from eHarmony Advice, here to tell you about a new micro-site designed to help divorced men date more effectively. The site, The Divorced Men’s Guide to Dating, focuses on the kinds of issues that often present trouble to men who’ve been in a committed relationship for years – how dating has changed over the last five years, identifying what single women want, and dealing with the emotional aftermath of divorce.

The site features articles and—in a first for eHarmony Advice—original video content. The two videos feature Heather Setrakian, an eHarmony expert and MA, as well as “man on the street” interviews with men and women who share their advice for newly single guys. Do Pick-Up Lines Really Work? takes a fun and surprising look at the art of approaching total strangers. What Do Women Want? goes straight to the source, asking women what traits they value most in a relationship candidate.

We’re always interested in your feedback on ways to make The Divorced Men’s Guide to Dating better, in addition to any questions and video ideas that you think would be relevant for men who are getting back into the dating world. Send your comments to

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