Need an Idea? Check Out Project Wedding’s Photo Gallery


Hello, I’m Srini, one of Project Wedding’s co-founders. Did you know that although Project Wedding is only a couple of years young, we’ve got one of the largest wedding photo galleries out there?  Thanks to our passionate community, there are nearly a quarter million tagged wedding photos in our gallery.  Flowers?  Check.  Bridesmaid’s dresses?  For sure!  Beta Fish Centerpieces?  Really!?

When I started Project Wedding with Joe and Margaret in 2007, little did I realize the sheer number of photos our community would upload.  Or how voraciously our visitors would click through them!  But it makes sense, doesn’t it?  Photos are a treasure trove of wedding inspiration.  And it’s just plain fun to look through pictures of happy people (and what’s happier than a wedding!?).

We’re continuously working behind the scenes to make the Project Wedding photo gallery more engaging.  We’re tuning it to be faster by measuring improvements in milliseconds.  We’re tinkering with the popularity algorithms to allow the best photos to bubble up to the top.  And of course, we’re making it easier for our community to tag, share and contribute! Check out our ever-improving gallery at

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