My Facebook Dating Don’t

I’ve seen it firsthand on my own Facebook homepage. Relationships that start and end with comments, status updates, etc. I don’t know about you, but I think it is just tacky to share your dating drama right on Facebook for all 245 of your (so-called) friends to see.

One of our Advice users complained about this, stating that the guy she was dating would put up comments about her when things were not going well. (She soon ditched him, thankfully.) Sometimes they are sort of cryptic updates, like “Some people are so rude” or more direct hits like, “I don’t get you. You hurt me.”

I even watched a whole marriage split up via Facebook – a 50-something-year-old man left his wife – and suddenly changed his status to “in a relationship” with some chick I had never seen. It was odd to see him posting photos of his new girlfriend. About a month later, he was again “married” and back with his wife. Can you imagine how it must have made his kids feel? I mean, even I was uncomfortable.

Since Dr. Phil is not on Facebook to jump in and save the day –  maybe save it for your therapists office? Or a phone call with your BFF?

Is that too harsh? I don’t think so. What I do think is these folks may be needing some attention – and also need to grow up.

What do you think? Does it bug you when people get really personal on Facebook?

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