I am a firm believer that you have power to create your own reality. Throughout my dealings with people, I have seen this “theory” proven true again and again.
I used to work with a lady who told me that she hated when the season changed,  because she just knew she would get a dreadful cold. Guess what? She got a dreadful cold.

I also had a friend who always expected she would get some sort of dirty silverware or plate when she went out to a restaurant. I kid you not – it happened about 5 times when I was with her. I, of course, try to think a little more positively…and my silverware was shining and clean as a whistle.

If you expect the worst, or think, “I am never going to find someone…no one is out there for me… I don’t believe in love,” I hate to say it, but that may very well be what you will ultimately experience. I don’t know if it is just the negative energy or that you are closing yourself off to your true potential…maybe it’s both.

We all get let down sometimes, and things don’t go the way we’d hoped, but I think it is so important to continue to be open to all possibilities.  Try and visualize the best possible outcome when you are going to dinner – or on a date.

Have you experienced this in your life? Have you seen others fulfill their own negative prophecies?

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