Make a Phone Video – Get 6 Free Months of eHarmony!

It’s spring – haven’t you noticed? Time for us all to do that yearly spring cleaning where we take the clutter, the junk that’s dragging us down, and kick it to the curb. This spring we want to find out what you’re kicking out of your life. Take your amazing little phone and make a one-minute video showing us what you’re leaving behind this spring.

Maybe you watch too much reality TV? Maybe you aren’t confident enough at work? Maybe you’re eating too many sweets? Whatever it is, make a video telling us about it and showing us how you’re going to send it packing.

Everyone who submits a video will get one FREE month of eHarmony. The best video will get six FREE months.

We’ve even made a sample video to show you what we want. Take a look and then click here to get started on yours.

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