Like Father, Like Son

Meet John, who met his wife Nancy on eHarmony. Their success on the site inspired John’s son, Matt, to join as well, and he ended up meeting his wife, Gina. Read John’s story below on how two generations found happiness on eHarmony.

John n Nancy

Nancy and I were matched, corresponded with each other, and decided to meet.  Nancy was from Topeka, Kansas and I was from Moberly, Missouri, so we met in Liberty, Missouri for lunch and a round of golf on Sept 11, 2007. We enjoyed each other, and things evolved from there. We got married on June 1, 2008. All of our children, five boys and one daughter, attended. Which was not a small feat!  One son was in Iraq with the Marines, and another one was getting ready to go to Iraq, also with the Marines. One son lived in Salt Lake City, Utah and the others were closer in the Midwest.  We felt very blessed that our special day was shared with our family.

Matt and GinaMy two youngest sons, then ages 25 and 23, were impressed by the way Nancy and I matched, so they both signed up with eHarmony.  They weren’t too serious at first, but curious. Upon returning from Iraq, my 25-year-old son, Matt, decided he wanted to share his life with someone special.  He was very cautious, not wanting to make a mistake.  Nancy told him she was also very picky, but he would know when the right one came along. I reassured him that eHarmony’s questionnaires were very thorough, and made interests and values a priority.

Around May, 2009, he contacted a young lady in California.  They felt an instant connection and talked every night after meeting online.  Matt flew out to California to meet this possible match and they had a wonderful time getting to know each other.  After several live meetings, they eloped September 24th, 2009.

Nancy makes life worth living! Nancy says that I am the perfect man for her. Matt and Gina are truly happy and it looks like they will have a wonderful marriage also.

Thus, eHarmony has helped TWO GENERATIONS of this family meet the RIGHT person – one in 2008 from Missouri and Kansas, and one in 2009 from North Carolina and California! Thank you, eHarmony!

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