Kelly and Ryan’s Story: A New Year’s Resolution That’s Easy to Keep

Now that 2010 is here, most of us are making our New Year’s resolutions. But how many resolutions fall by the wayside after January 5? Meet Kelly and Ryan, an eHarmony Success Couple who each made—and kept—a New Year’s resolution in 2006 to try eHarmony, and they’ve been together ever since. Read their story below in Kelly’s own words.
Kelly and Ryan

I was 33 and single. Not a new story, I know. I had a great job teaching and lots of friends and hobbies and interests and certainly didn’t sit home on Saturday nights with a TV dinner pining for someone. But, I knew I wanted a partner, not just a boyfriend, not just someone to go to the movies with….a real partner.

My New Year’s Eve resolution for 2006 was to quit whining and do something about it! I joined eHarmony hoping to find someone nice, someone normal, someone who could accept my limited cooking skills! In early 2007, on my second eHarmony date, I found so much more. I didn’t know that some 20 minutes down the road from me a 37 year-old-single software developer had the same New Year’s resolution that I did!

Ryan is the best man I could ever imagine finding. He is smart, kind, generous, and thoughtful. One of my friends calls him a “classic gentleman,” and that is so appropriate but doesn’t quite capture the silly, fun-loving side of Ryan that I’ve come to appreciate so much over the past two years. It was like a floodgate opened when we met each other and we couldn’t plan dates and outings fast enough! It wasn’t long before I knew he was my best friend, and not too much longer before I was sure that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Ryan.

We’ve traveled and had such adventures together already—Hawaii, an Alaskan cruise, Vegas, and we are both big fans of Disneyland! Our relationship is honest and stable and comfortable, in part because we both took the time to fill our applications so thoroughly and took advantage of the “getting to know you” process that eHarmony has designed. It works! The biggest debate in our family now is which of us was smiling more on our wedding day….him or me! I can’t imagine how different our lives would be if we hadn’t logged on to eHarmony at about the same time with the same hopes of finding someone to love!

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