Valentine’s Day. Does Anyone Care Anymore?

Love is in the air. It’s that time of the year again: Valentine’s Day. Co-workers may be receiving gifts at work, restaurants will be crowded with couples trying to make the night special, and to others it may as well just be another day. But does everyone really celebrate Valentine’s Day and go all out for romance? In one of our latest surveys, we dared to find out.

We asked around 3,000 people if they had plans for Valentine’s Day, and about 64% of them said they did plan on celebrating the holiday with somebody special. Now we were curious, what goes into their Valentine’s Day plans?

Planning the Date

Most people who said they had Valentine’s Day plans had put at least a little bit of thought into it. 17% of people said they had not planned anything yet (and this survey was done 3 days before Valentine’s Day!), and 6% had said they put a lot of planning into the event.

So who’s doing the planning? According to our survey, it seems like chivalry is not dead. Men were more likely to say they had done a fair amount of planning or a lot of planning for their valentine, where as women were more likely to say they had done very little to no planning at all.


What about when you get married? Do the plans for Valentine’s Day slip away over time? Not as much as you may be thinking. When you are dating somebody exclusively, you are the most likely to have plans. 89% of people who are dating somebody exclusively have had made at least some plans, and 82% of married couples also had plans. Couples who are engaged were the least likely to have made any plans despite saying they were celebrating the holiday, with 25% of them saying they had done no planning.

Planning 2

The most common things people had planned was heading out to dinner (37%), and some couples preferred to stay at home for a romantic dinner (26%), and some just wanted to enjoy a movie with their date (18%).


Flowers, chocolate, a card, or a 4-foot teddy bear? Gift giving is also a well-known part of Valentine’s Day. We’ve all had that co-worker whose desk was filled with chocolates and roses. Overall, 71% of people said they were planning to give their date a gift. But what should you get your date, and does it matter differently for men and women?

In our survey, more men than women reported they were giving their date a gift, 79% and 65%, respectively. But we also asked them what the ideal gift their valentine could get them would be. The women in our survey were split on what the ideal gift would be, with flowers (17%), jewelry (16%), intimacy (17%), a card (12%), and a spa day (11%) as the highest rated ideal gifts. With men, a high portion of them wanted one thing, intimacy (40%).  The next highest rated ideal gift was 11% of men wanting a card.

Ideal Gift

Gifts don’t have to be extravagant either. We asked our survey takers how much they were going to spend on gifts for their valentine, and a majority of both men (74%) and women (86%) said they were going to spend under $100, with most people saying they would spend $20 to $50 on their date.

Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

This may be the most important question we asked. Regardless of what you’re planning, how much thought you’ve put into it, and what to get your valentine as a gift, why do we do all of this every February? Most people said they just genuinely enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day, they want the romance, or to reconnect with their partner.

Why do you celebrate

It can be easy to get wrapped up in everything that goes into planning a perfect Valentine’s Day date, over-thinking the gifts, the dinner, and making it in time for your reservation. But we should remember the real reason that Valentine’s Day is celebrated and why most of the people in our survey are, to celebrate being with one another.

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