Is He Your Boyfriend?

Many of us have learned this the hard way. We date a guy for several months, start spending lots of time together and then we assume it’s exclusive – and that he is officially “the boyfriend.” After all, you spend every Friday night together and he has met most of your friends…why would you think otherwise?

Because men don’t always operate the same way women do!

Dating Don’t Number 4,599: don’t assume anything about your relationship unless you have had the conversation and are both perfectly clear of your status.

I don’t know exactly why men and women differ so much in this area, but it happens again and again. A good friend of mine was dating her now-husband for several years, and only recently found out that he continued to date other women well into the first six months or so they were seeing each other. This did not go over well with her, although she had to admit she had just assumed he wasn’t seeing anyone else. I think as women we get tend to get more invested early on, while men don’t until much later.

To solve this potential landmine, please remember to clarify things with him when the time is right. Either way – you will know where you stand, and have the opportunity to cut things off if he reveals he isn’t interested in a commitment and you are.

Just a little gentle reminder!

Has this happened to you? Please share any experiences because we can all learn from each other.

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