Introducing eHarmony’s New Profile Advisor


Did you know that eHarmony users who have more complete “About Me” profiles receive up to 35% more communication? If you’d like a little help with this important part of the process, try our new feature, the eHarmony Profile Advisor ™. With this new service, one of our professional writers will work with you to help you express yourself in a fun and genuine way. Here’s how it works:

Shortly after you purchase the service, one of our eHarmony Profile Advisor writers will contact you via email to follow up. If you have sections of the “About Me” profile you left blank, they’ll ask you to write something down since they don’t just make up things about you.  But more often, they ask you deeper questions concerning any of the answers you may have already written down in your profile.  For instance, if you simply said “I’m passionate about skiing”, our writers will look to understand why you really love it.  Is skiing something you’ve done all your life?  Are you on a ski team? What is your favorite ski resort?  Is it your favorite way to unplug?  They have an uncanny way of describing interesting tidbits about you so that your matches really understand what makes you special.

Our writers are fast and can typically take just a few days to turn your profile into something that really makes you stand out. Once we’re done, you have two days to look it over to make sure you’re happy with it.  After all, we didn’t do our job right if you don’t feel like your profile represents you well.  If you don’t like what we’ve written, we’ll work with you until you’re satisfied.  That’s our commitment to making sure your experience with this product and our site surpasses your expectations.

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