In Their Own Words: Nicole and Steven


Meet Nicole and Steven, one of eHarmony’s recently-betrothed success couples. While every one of our couples has compatibility in common, we’re always amazed at the uniqueness of each of their stories. Here’s their engagement story, as told by Steven:

All it took was one date with one match on eHarmony for me to realize that the rest of my life would be blissfully complete. Within weeks after Nicole first contacted me and asked me out on a date, I found it difficult to be apart from her. The question of marriage was never “Will it happen,” but rather, “When will it happen?” And just as Nicole had been the one to initiate communication, she would also (to my surprise) be the one to propose 17 months later:

steven-and-nicole-1Everywhere we went people had always thought we were a newly married couple and were very surprised to hear that we were not. When they asked why, I would jokingly reply that I was waiting on Nicole to propose to me. I had no idea that might actually happen!

On August 15, Nicole took me out on a hot air balloon ride. We took part in a hot air balloon festival and flew amongst a dozen or so other balloons which helped to enhance the already surreal experience. Toward the end of the flight, Nicole took my camcorder and handed it to another passenger. I thought we were going to take one last set of photos but I could tell that wouldn’t be the case as she took my hands into hers – they were trembling!

That’s when I knew she had beaten me to the proposal. It took a little while and a lot of kisses for her to actually work up the strength to ask me to marry her, but when she did I ended up breaking one of the only three rules our pilot gave us – do not yell out of the balloon. He didn’t seem to mind though, and neither did the spectators below that shared in our celebration of engagement.


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