In Their Own Words: Kristen and Jamie

Here’s a special Halloween edition of our “In Their Own Words” blog by one of our success couples, Kristen and Jamie. Halloween is one of their favorite holidays for a few reasons—tomorrow is not only the anniversary of when Jamie first told Kristen he loved her, but it’s also the day they’re getting married! Thanks, Kristen and Jamie, for sharing your story with us. We’re so excited for you and wish you the best!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

kristen and jamie halloweenJamie and I made it to open communication and met face to face in March 2008.  We live five hours away from each other, so we took turns traveling to see each other and would sometimes meet in a new place for a weekend getaway.  Last October he asked me to meet him in New Orleans for a concert on Halloween where we could dress up.  He was a skeleton and I was a zombie fairy!  We had a blast; we are kids at heart and love Halloween and the fall season.  Earlier that day Jamie told me for the first time that he loved me!  He always wants to make special moments truly memorable, and it was!

While we were putting the final touches on our Halloween make-up I made the comment, “Next year we are going as something sweet and not scary.  I want to be a princess and you are going to be Prince Charming.”

Jamie took me to Hawaii in June.  In keeping with his way of making special memories, he sat me on a park bench in front of a sunset melting into the ocean and asked me to marry him.  It was the most romantic moment of my life!

kristen and jamie sunsetWe thought we would wait until next April or October to marry.  We couldn’t wait!  He called one night and asked if I would marry him this November.  I was thinking earlier that day if October of this year was too soon to plan a wedding.  We called the venue we were interested in; the last Saturday in October was the only one open in all of October and November!  It is one of our favorite days of the year, the one year anniversary of when he said he loved me, and we will indeed get to be a prince and princess.

We have a beautiful outdoor, Southern fall wedding planned.  We asked the florist to decorate the aisle with gourds, potted mums and leaves in fall colors.  For the reception, we asked her to carve pumpkins with things like our monogram, an engagement ring, the wedding date.  She will place battery powered candles in them with fall flowers coming out of the tops.  When I asked Jamie’s five year old niece to be my flower girl, I have to admit I felt guilty for taking away her trick-or-treat time.  So, she will be the only one “in costume” wearing her beautiful flower girl dress and fairy wings I adorned with a flower and ribbons.

We didn’t want to do a theme wedding, but at the end of the evening we will have small candy bags and masquerade masks for our guests to grab as favors.  Along with our planner, Jamie has been involved in almost every aspect of the planning process.  He is my “modern groom”!  I thank God first and foremost for placing Jamie in my life, but I thank eHarmony for giving us the way to meet.

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