Hunger Could Be Getting in the Way of Your Dating Life


Think about your last meal.  How long ago was it?  When you’re hungry, it can affect many different parts of your life.  As the Snickers bars commercials have shown us, you’re not you when you’re hungry, and you might be playing football like Betty White.  If it’s been a little while since your last meal, you could also be unknowingly impacting your social life. 

Recent research investigated how hunger affects your social goals by assessing people who were walking in and out of a cafeteria.  The researchers found that people who were hungry had lower levels of interest in sex, dating, and hanging out with friends than people who were leaving the cafeteria who had just eaten a meal.

The researchers explain that this finding could be explained by different motivation theories.  They explain that lower level needs that are essential for survival, like hunger and thirst, will take precedence over higher level needs, such as social needs like belonging and love.  Once these lower level needs are met, the amount of interest in higher level needs will increase.

So when searching for a date, like reviewing your matches on eHarmony or out at your favorite hangout, be sure not to be on an empty stomach!  You could be presented with a great choice of a potential date, but your head could be elsewhere, namely thinking of food.  Don’t let the chance pass you by because you were hungry.  While on a date, making sure your date is well fed and not hungry would keep their interests in fulfilling their higher level social needs like belonging, connecting, love, and sex instead of being pushed aside in the search for food.


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