How Two March Madness Rivals Found Happily Ever After

What do you get when you mix a Tarheels fan with a Blue Devils fan? Well usually, it isn’t pretty—especially around the time of March Madness. But eHarmony success couple Gabe and Leigh Anne found out that their love for each other is stronger than their basketball allegiances. Here’s Gabe’s take:

Leigh Anne and I met in February 2008.  She’s a huge UNC fan (which she mentioned in her profile) and I went to Duke.  At first I wondered if that would be an issue but it turns out it is a great conversation starter and a chance for us to rag on each other.  Especially these days with March Madness going on! I never thought I’d find myself rooting for the Tarheels, but Leigh Anne has that effect on me.  She’s changed my life…for the better.  So now I like both shades of blue, although I still think Duke blue is the way to go. We would like to thank the staff at eHarmony for all the good work you do.  Without you guys, a diehard Duke fan and a diehard UNC fan would never have found each other!

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