How-to Tips from Success Couple Stacie and Marcelo

M&S2Meet success couple Stacie and Marcelo. As experienced users of eHarmony, they’re happy to provide their advice to others who are currently using or thinking about trying the service.

Stacie was on eHarmony for over a year, and Marcelo used it on and off over a period of seven years. So sometimes, patience is the name of the game. As Stacie says, it just takes one!

Perseverance paid off for these two, who are now engaged to be married on December 23, 2009—the anniversary of their match date. We give them our heartfelt wishes for a wonderful life together!

Here’s their advice:

The match settings are very important.  I changed them a few times to see what kind of matches I would receive.  I live in Southern California, so there are plenty of members within 30 miles.  Plus, I did not want a long distance relationship.  So, I mainly used the 30 mile setting.  I also marked that setting as “very important”, so I wouldn’t get a lot of matches that were much farther than the 30 miles.  The same for age, height, drinking, smoking, religion, etc.  I learned that by putting “very important”, I would get matches closer to what I was looking for.

I would read the profiles and look at the photo (if there was one posted).  If I wasn’t interested in the match, I would close it and give the reason why.  I found that by closing matches with a reason, I would receive matches that were closer to my preferences.  The most difficult part for me was the physical attraction.  It seemed like the matches that I was physically attracted to would always close me out.  So, I learned to be patient.  I believed that in time, I would receive a match where we both would find each other physically attractive.

M&S3The settings I changed were “age” and “if my match had children”.  I originally was interested in a younger woman with no children.  I changed my settings after considering that my perfect match could be closer to my age with children.  That is when I was matched with Stacie.  She is two years older and has two children.

Stacie and I like all the improvements that eHarmony implements.  For example, the Fast Track option, being able to know that a match has viewed our profile, being able to manage closed matches better, etc.

We both think the Personality Profile Questionnaire that all members must answer is great.  We believe eHarmony does match you with compatible people, which goes beyond physical appearance.  We met wonderful people that became friends even though there wasn’t a love connection.

I recommend that people who are serious about meeting a life-long partner be patient and give eHarmony a year or more.  I used eHarmony as just another way to meet women that I would not ordinarily meet.  Do not use eHarmony as the only way to meet people though.  I think that would be unrealistic and cause disappointment.M&S

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