How Attractive is Your Style of Humor?

Is your style of humor a turn on or turnoff?

A recent study of eHarmony members found that sense of humor is the most desirable quality both men and women want in a romantic partner. That got us to wondering…does your style of humor make you any more or less attractive to the opposite sex?

We found that guys most want to talk to sarcastic women, while women most want to talk to guys with a dry sense of humor.

But what’s really interesting about this analysis is that men seem to prefer women who use “guy humor” (sarcastic, juvenile, geeky or raw), whereas women prefer guys who use “gal humor” (sarcastic, dry or ironic).

How can this help you as a dater? Humor plays a fascinating role in how people look for romantic partners and maintain their relationships. There’s actually an evolutionary reason why that guy or girl tries so hard to make you laugh. Researchers believe your style of humor provides clues about your intelligence, creativity, and even your genetic fitness to potential partners.

But it’s also important how you and your partner use humor in everyday life. In fact, this is one of the ways eHarmony matches people. For example, do you use it to cope with conflict or reduce stress? When you and your partner use humor in similar ways, it is easier to understand and anticipate the actions of the other person, as well as interpret their kidding and teasing correctly. That kind of understanding leads to greater intimacy, which is a cornerstone of a successful long-term relationship.

And that is no laughing matter.

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