How Alcohol Can Affect Your Quest for Love

Whether it is going to your local bar trying to meet somebody, asking someone out for drinks, or sharing a bottle of wine, alcohol can at times be a common theme when it comes to dating. In a recent sample of eHarmony users, a majority of singles said they drink alcohol, with 46% saying they drink once a week and 31% saying a few times a year.  But when you’re out looking for love, how can this alcohol usage help or hurt your chances of finding that special someone?

One way alcohol can affect your dating agenda is by altering who you would normally approach or ask out on a date.  I’m sure most of you have heard the term “beer goggles,” but for those who haven’t, it’s the term for finding people more attractive than they really are after having a few drinks. 

Recent research has shown that the beer goggle phenomenon does actually exist.  Comparing individuals who were moderately or highly intoxicated to sober individuals, the researchers found that both moderately and highly intoxicated individuals rated pictures of the opposite sex to be significantly more attractive than sober individuals did.

More recently, alcohol has also been shown to affect how attractive you think you are.  Research by Bègue and colleagues found that people who drank alcohol, as well as people who thought they drank alcohol, rated themselves as more attractive than those who hadn’t had any beverages.  But this jump in attractiveness was not seen by anyone else.  Independent reviewers did not find these intoxicated (or think-they’re-intoxicated) people any more attractive than their sober counterparts.

So how can alcohol make or break you in the dating game?  The increased ratings of your own attractiveness can actually be a great thing.  If you’re feeling super attractive and on top of the world, your confidence levels are going to be just as high.  You’ll be more likely to approach that person you’ve had your eye on, and you’ll feel better about yourself while you do.  However, this could backfire.  Badly.  A few too many drinks, and you may suffer from “beer goggles” and approach and ask out someone you are not really attracted to, and may later regret it.

All in all, there is a fine line you should strive for when enjoying alcoholic drinks and trying to meet others, where you are loosened up, feel extra attractive and confident, but before your judgment is impaired.  As the “beer goggles” study showed, even moderately intoxicated people were shown to have an altered rating system in attractiveness.

Have you ever logged onto eHarmony after a few drinks?  Did you feel more confident in messaging your matches?

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