Are Eco-Friendly Daters More or Less Attractive?

Caring for the environment is an important topic these days. With all the talk of climate change, drought, and deforestation, we are definitely making an impact on our environment. With a lot of people doing their part in maintaining a more eco-friendly lifestyle, going green has definitely become a more common characteristic in others. But what does it say about a person who is going green? How does an eco-friendly lifestyle affect a person’s attractiveness?

A recent study by DiDonato & Jakubiak investigated how eco-friendly product choices can affect how someone is rated in terms of romantic attractiveness. In this study, participants were shown descriptions of a single person of the opposite sex who had just purchased a hybrid or luxury car. They were then asked to rate this person in terms of personality, how good of a relationship partner they would be, and how interested they were in this person. The researchers found that more eco-friendly men were rated to be more competent, warm, and would make better partners in a long-term relationship by women.

They also found the eco-friendly women were found to be rated a significantly better long-term partner by men, as well as more physically appealing. This was all while controlling for price of the car, and the person’s own environmental orientation.

What does this tell us about going green? Your own choices in how environmental you decide to be are telling others more than you think. When choosing a more environment-friendly purchase or lifestyle, others will implicitly create assumptions about you, your personality, and your abilities as a romantic partner.

Not only will you be helping the planet out with more eco-friendly behavior, you could be attracting some new potential dates!

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