Game On: The Great Spanx Debate

Is it “lying” if a woman wears Spanx or other undergarments to enhance or alter her physique in some way? That is the question which has created a lot of conversation on the Advice boards. First, I have to say I just love the idea that a guy actually thinks that Spanx will cover up “rolls and rolls of fat” on a woman in an attempt to mislead her latest suitor. LOVE THAT!

Most rational folks seemed to agree that A.) Spanx aren’t this miraculous and B.), it is fine to wear undergarments that make one look better in a dress, etc.

Here’s the deal: we all do things to make ourselves appear more attractive. For women, we apply makeup, color our hair, spray on a little perfume, and yes, wear clothing and other items to accentuate our figures. If anyone has a problem with that, they should really get over it and worry about more deserving issues in life. I can’t go along with the theory that this is somehow deceitful.

Thankfully, most men also put some effort into their appearance, and that is a good thing. It shows us that you take pride in how you look, are thoughtful, considerate of others and want to make a good impression.

Physical appearance is definitely an important part of dating and chemistry– and I personally applaud anyone who takes the time to really look their best. These folks should not be penalized for putting their best foot forward.

Have any of you felt that someone deceived you by covering up a physical flaw or imperfection with clothing, etc? Would love to hear!

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