From the UK: Love in the Workplace


In the UK, we joined forces with Touchstone Pictures to promote the Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds rom-com “The Proposal”.  Since the movie comes out on DVD today, it’s a great opportunity to discuss finding love in the workplace.

We thought it would be interesting to find out what UK consumers really thought about finding love at work so we conducted a study with 1,000 people and the results were quite surprising!

Our most interesting findings included:

•    Two thirds (66%) have had a relationship with someone they’ve met at work

•    1 in 10 (10.5%) people have married someone they’ve met at work

•    52% of people have felt a certain chemistry or attraction with a colleague

•    21% think office relationships can’t stand the test of time

•    Only 32% of people think work is a good place to find a  partner in the future

•    The top 5 drawbacks to having a relationship with someone from work are:

1.    Having to continue working together if the relationship ends
2.    Gossip/rumours
3.    Awkward atmosphere at work
4.    Potential damage to career
5.    All your work colleagues knowing

We had great fun discussing the findings from this survey in more depth with regional radio stations and their listeners. One theme that kept reoccurring from these conversations: Workplace romances may be more appealing if Sandra Bullock or Ryan Reynolds were colleagues!

This research was conducted for by Opinion Matters. It was carried out between: 10 / 07 / 2009 and 15 / 07 / 2009. Sample size: 1001 workers.

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