From New Year’s Resolution to Happily Ever After

Meet Patty and Phil, another couple who met because of a New Year’s resolution. Read their story below—including a creative and romantic proposal—in Phil’s own words.

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How Match #1 Became the Love of My Life

Among my new year’s resolutions for 2008 was to do a better job at finding someone really compatible for me to date and hopefully to marry.  I hit a point in my life where I was ready to fully love and spoil the heck out of someone special.  I joined eHarmony in January and started seeing matches right away, but one profile in particular caught my eye – Patricia’s.

Patricia had been on the site for several months prior to me and met some nice people.  Admittedly, she was waiting for someone to reach out to her through eHarmony and not actively pursuing anyone herself.  As luck would have it, she responded to my interest in her and we began talking through the site.  Eventually, our conversations moved off the site and we began talking over the phone.

Our first date was right before Valentine’s Day.  Meeting after work during the week, we sat and talked at a local restaurant for nearly six  hours – time flew by seemingly in a matter of moments. As I left that night, I knew then that this was the start of something big, even though Patricia was just my first date through eHarmony.

A successful first date led to several more, a Valentine’s Day date, dinners with friends, family parties and the like.  Soon we were inseparable – not only physically but in character, finishing each other’s sentences in a way that would make clairvoyants jealous.  We began travelling together to points all across the country, enjoying every second of our time together.  Each day of the year only reinforced the fact that I knew I had found my new best friend and wife.  It’s hard to find the words to explain how much I love her.

This past March on a random Friday night, we met for dinner at our favorite local establishment.  Little did Patty know that I went in the establishment a bit earlier to plot a surprise – a specially-altered menu with an “engagement special.”  When the waitress handed the stunt menu to Patty, her eyes settled on the “special” which included a proposal.  Right when I knew she had read it, I slid an engagement ring across the table.  Shouts of “yes” fell on deaf ears of all other patrons as they watched the start of March Madness, but the wait staff congratulated us with a champagne toast for our future life together.

We’re continually thinking back to the memories that we have already started to build, and have been extremely thankful for our eHarmony beginnings.  Right out of the gate, I found the perfect match in the very first girl I met.  I consider myself blessed and hope that others can be inspired that love can indeed be found, but you have to be willing to go look for it.

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