Are Football Fans More Desirable?

As the Super Bowl is just days away (Go Falcons!), I was curious about something … do guys care if a woman likes football? Do women find guys who watch football more desirable? Fortunately, our research scientists are just two floors down from me. I asked eHarmony Research Scientist Jonathan Beber to do a little digging — and here’s what he turned up.

He sampled 3 million eHarmony users in the database, and of them, 34.85% of them had listed on their profile that they enjoyed watching American football.

And here is where it gets interesting.

For the ladies:

Women who listed they enjoy watching football on average got 31.85% more communication requests than women who don’t watching the sport.

Personality-wise, women who say they enjoy watching football are, on average,  more altruistic/caring towards others, and more extroverted.

For the guys:

Men who list they enjoy watching football got significantly more communication requests, 82.31% more than men who don’t list enjoy watching the game.

Personality-wise, similar to what we saw in women, men who enjoy football are more extroverted. They’re also more monogamous!

Falcons vs. Patriots:

– There are way more Patriots fans than Falcons fans on eHarmony. ( I’m still rooting for the underdogs.)

-When averaging out their profiles, Beber found that the average Patriots fan and average Falcons fan would get along just fine in a long-term relationship.

-Beber dug a little deeper and matched up every single woman and man who mentioned that they were either are a Falcons or Patriots fan, and found that the number of matches across groups was not significantly different. In fact, more matches were made when the male is a Patriots fan, and the woman is a Falcons fan.┬áBeber commented, “This goes along with what we’ve seen across our 18 years of relationship research, in that sharing hobbies and interests doesn’t really play a role in the long-term happiness of a relationship, but rather the dimensions we include in our compatibility matching system (things like character and intellect) that have been shown to predict what makes any relationship last.”

So don’t let your team’s rivalries dismantle any romantic interests, in the end, it could be a win for you. And it seems you are already winning if you are into the sport! If all else fails, at least you have the Lady Gaga halftime show to look forward to. And hopefully some killer guacamole.


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