Five Spiritual Laws of Dating Success

Deepak Chopra is still one of my favorite authors today. Ten years ago I was introduced to his book, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success,” some of which could apply perfectly to our dating habits. If anything, this will certainly make your love life a more peaceful and less dramatic endeavor (I hope!).

#1: The Law of Giving
Adopting an attitude of giving is not only refreshing but appealing to a potential partner. Now, I am not talking lavish gifts but small tokens like compliments, saying a prayer for someone or something as simple as a flower. I think it is so sweet to focus on what you can give others, and not just about what this person is bringing to you.

#2: The Law of Karma
This is a good one. Karma can be a  blessing or a bitch (no, Deepak didn’t say that). Treating everyone with honesty, kindness, respect and how you would like to be treated is so important in the fragile world that can be dating. Try it out – and see what comes back to you.

#3: The Law of Least Effort
Another biggie. Do not try to force something that isn’t there. Do not try to change another person or fit them into any sort of idealized mold. Accepting people for who they are will save you (and them) lots of grief down the road.

#4: The Law of Intention and Desire
Know what your intentions are (what you want) and stay true to your heart. This might be the most important part of this law: If things don’t work out — trust that there is a bigger reason and don’t fight the universe!

#5: The Law of Detachment
If you can practice this one – you are amazing!  This one is really about staying in the moment, allowing yourself to be in a fluid place of not knowing what is next, and accepting the situation. Amen!

Do you have any personal dating mantras – things that help you through this sometimes unnerving process?


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