Finding Love in the Big Apple: Colette and Alex

Hi, this is Becky.  I’m part of the lucky team at eHarmony that gets to keep in touch with all of our successful couples. With an average of 236 people getting married every day in the U.S.*, we get to interact with a lot of happy people.

Posts about success stories will be one of the regular features of our blog. We find that the couples are best at telling their own stories, so we’ll share them in their own words. Meet Colette and Alex from New York, NY, whose uncanny commonalities brought them together.  Here’s their story, as Colette told it to us:


Like many people, I never thought I would end up falling in love with someone I met on the Internet.  I saw the process as a distraction; a way to be proactive in a city where dating seems as impossible as getting a seat on the train during rush hour.  Then one night at dinner, a friend mentioned how many people she knew who had met and married through eHarmony, and I decided to give it a chance.

I remember the moment I first saw Alex’s profile.  Great big hazel eyes, broad shoulders. He worked in the sports industry, but he had a passion for theatre. And I’m a playwright who loves football.  So I initiated contact and he wrote back less than an hour later!!!  A few weeks of back and forth online, and then our first date.  He was nervous and so was I, but the conversation was easy and it was a warm summer night so we walked and talked, ending up at an empty bar downtown.

We found we had so much in common: he’s a lawyer and a theatre director just like my father, his mother teaches the tango and my mother goes tango dancing 5 nights a week, he keeps his favorite fortunes from fortune cookies in his wallet and so do I!  It was just so easy to be with him, I had never experienced that before with anyone!

I invited Alex to come see a show I had written and directed and I think he was nervous. He must have thought, What happens if I don’t like it?  Can I date a lousy playwright???? But he did like it.  A lot.  After the show his face was beaming, he was so proud.

I invited him up to the country a few weeks later. We sat on the porch-swing looking out at the lake and I knew I could do this for the rest of my life.  On a rainy December 27th, Alex led me up many icy paths to the top of Mount Royal in Montreal where he is from, he got down on one knee and proposed.  The moment was bigger than me; I wish I could have frozen it so I could enjoy it in little bites whenever I’m feeling blue, but we have pictures and of course, my heart remembers. And the ring is pretty great too.

I wanted to tell our story to those of you who are still looking for love, to say that before we met, neither of us had any reason to believe that the next date would be any different from all the others but we didn’t give up hope; it really doesn’t matter how many bad dates you’ve been on because all it takes is one great date to change your life.  I love waking up and seeing Alex next to me every morning and I can’t believe I get to start every day of my life like this! Thank you, eHarmony!

*2007 survey conducted for eHarmony by Harris Interactive®

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