The Research is in: Why Men Should Ditch Their Razors!

There are many different things a man can do with his facial hair.  A man can grow a classic mustache, a handlebar mustache like those found in the movie Tombstone, a goatee, a soul patch, a chinstrap, mutton chops, a horseshoe mustache like Hulk Hogan, a five o’clock shadow, a short beard, a ZZ Top-esque beard, or keep it clean-shaven. But after reading some of the latest attraction research: Men, it may be time to ditch the razor and just keep a trimmer.166668766

Research from Northumbria University in the UK tested how women would rate a man as attractive, masculine, and dominant in a study where the amount of facial hair on a man was altered. The men were presented as being clean-shaven, or having five-day “light” stubble, ten-day “heavy” stubble, a light beard, or a full beard.  The results showed that women found men with light stubble to be the most attractive, and the most ideal for a short-term or long-term relationship. Women also found men with a full beard to be the most masculine and dominant. The women also found the more facial hair a man had, the older they were thought to be.

Further recent research from the University of New South Wales in Australia found similar results in attractiveness, but also examined ratings of health and parenting ability. Women were again shown to rate a man with more facial hair as more masculine. The researchers also found that a man with a full beard was rated the highest in healthiness and parenting ability. However, women were found to rate men with heavy stubble as the most attractive rather than light stubble. The researchers had also asked men to rate the attractiveness of the other men with varying levels of facial hair, which showed men found heavy stubble and full beards as most attractive, followed closely by clean shaven, and light stubble as least attractive.

This research ultimately shows that men with some level of stubble are seen by women to be the most attractive and the most ideal for a short-term or long-term relationship, but a full beard shows more masculinity and dominance as well as the impression that the fully bearded man can better protect and provide for their children. Men think along similar lines, but they think that a clean-shaven man is more attractive than women really do.

So men, even though keeping a close, clean shave may make you look younger and you may think it looks better, it seems women may be thinking otherwise. Have you found you have had more success attracting women without shaving? Women, do you agree that a little facial hair is sexier on a man?

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