Equality Now! Why You Should Strive for Equality in the Bedroom

When it comes to dating and relationships, do you think there is a specific role you should take? Do you find yourself taking on a more traditional gender role, where men are more dominant, are the main breadwinners, and come home to their wives cooking a meal and a clean house? Does this type of mindset carry over to the bedroom for you, where the man leads the way in how things are going to happen?  If you’re more into traditional gender roles like these, it may have more of an effect on your sex life than you think.

Recent research has shown that people who follow more of these traditional gender roles in the bedroom with a dominant man and submissive woman had lower levels of sexual self-efficacy. Sexual self-efficacy includes how confident one feels in sexual situations, overall sexual satisfaction, and their ability to initiate safe-sex.  Overall, men were more likely to hold the belief that men should be more dominant sexually than women.  But both men and women who follow these traditional gender roles in the bedroom were less confident in sexual situations as well as less satisfied with their sexual relationships.  Women were also found to be less likely to initiate safe-sex practices, in that they would follow what their dominant partner would want or wait for their suggestion.

So if you take on these types of roles, chances are you’re not going to be nearly as satisfied with your sexual relationship as those who prefer gender equality in the bedroom, and you won’t be as confident in your own sexual prowess.  You should think about switching to an equality mentality so you and your partner will have an equal say in what goes on between the sheets, you’ll know exactly what satisfies your partner and how to achieve that, which will lead you both to a happier and more satisfying relationship.

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