Emily’s Love Letter

I came across this sweet story about a woman who writes a love letter to her deceased partner every year — right around autumn. Her name is Emily, and she writes to her soulmate Anno during this time, as this is when she lost him (this was also their favorite season). The most beautiful thing about this story is that her letters were discovered and actually inspired the book and album For the Sender: Four Letters, Twelve Songs, One Story by Alex Woodard.

The theme of the book? Sometimes a letter is like a prayer; more for the sender than the receiver. Emily’s letter reminds us that a love letter doesn’t always have to reach it’s intended recipient, and that healing can come from putting the words to paper. Proceeds generated by the songs from Emily’s letter go to StandUp for Kids in Oceanside, CA, a shelter that helps keep homeless kids off the streets. I wanted to share one of her letters below, as it touched my heart on this day.

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