eHarmony’s Profile Page Gets a Makeover

We’ve been hard at work at redesigning key experiences on our site in order to provide you with better service.  We’re happy to announce that our new eHarmony profile page is coming soon!

As we developed the new profile page, we had a number of goals that we wanted to accomplish from a user experience point of view.  First, we wanted to make sure your profiles really stood out and made you look as good as possible to your matches.  Second, we wanted to improve the readability of the profile so that you would sound as good as you looked.  Lastly, we wanted to better explain and simplify our trusted eHarmony communication process.   Hopefully you’ll agree that we met our goals, so let’s take a quick walk through the new features:

1)    Larger photos
Having one or more photos can dramatically affect your chances of getting into communication with a match.  As a result, we’ve doubled the size of the photo thumbnails on the profile so your matches can have that instant connection with you.

eHarmony blog - new_photo_size

Also, with the new slideshow feature, your matches will have a more cinematic experience when viewing your photos.

eHarmony blog - photo_slideshow

2)   Profile preview
You wouldn’t leave your house for a date without looking in the mirror at least once, so it makes sense that you should be able to view your profile as your matches see it.  Here’s how you use this feature once it’s launched:

1. Login to
2. Click on the “About Me” tab towards the top right corner of the website.
3. Click on the “view your profile as others see it” directly beneath the “About Me” header.

eHarmony blog - profile_preview
3)    Improved profile layout
If the photo provides that instant attraction, what you write in your profile is the element that fosters that deeper connection.  Because of this, we’ve redesigned the page to make it easier for matches to read your profile and get to know you.  For instance, based on your feedback, we moved the “What are you most passionate about?” and “What is the most important thing you are looking for in a person?” questions up to the very top of the page.

eHarmony blog - profile_layout

Bringing these questions together with your picture helps to cement that connection.  Beyond moving those questions, we also better laid out the content on the rest of your profile so that your matches can easily learn even more about you.

Another thing we did was to increase our overall site width.  Our site was formerly optimized for a resolution (800×600) that few of our users are still using.  By increasing the site width, the overall site and your profile should look better to you and your matches on higher resolution screens.

eHarmony blog - new_site_width

4)    Simplified communication stages
Our service is known for its trusted communication process.  Indeed over the years, we’ve been told by you that having the choice to use either our Guided Communication or Fast Track communication methods is something that you highly value.  We also realized, however, that when it comes to communication we can always work to simplify and improve the experience. With this in mind, we simplified the communication stages and clarified the communication flow with improved messaging throughout the entire process.
eHarmony blog - learn_about_comm
In addition, we realized that it’s incredibly important to have key information about your match readily available when preparing to communicate with them. To make this easier, the new “Mailbox” tab on your match profiles allows you to quickly switch between reading “About Me” info and communicating with your matches.

Finally, we changed the name of “FastTrack” to “eHarmony Mail” to better reflect the purpose of the feature. If you’d like to skip our guided communication steps and jump directly to anonymous e-mail, simply request eHarmony Mail.

If this article gave you the confidence to find your match, try eharmony today!

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