eHarmony Launches New “Web Chat” Advertising Campaign

We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new TV advertising campaign today! We’re continuing to feature real eHarmony couples in our ads, but they’re in a different format than any we’ve done before.

Thousands of success couples express interest in wanting to be in eHarmony’s commercials, and there is an extensive casting process that couples go through to be featured on TV. Part of that process is a web cam interview. Working with our outstanding advertising agency, Donat Wald, we decided that the resulting video stories were so compelling and special that we couldn’t just keep them to ourselves and not share them with others.

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear is, “Are the couples in eHarmony commercials real?” By using unpolished, raw-looking images literally taken from web cam interviews with real couples, the commercials convey a high degree of authenticity and immediacy, illustrating that eHarmony works for a lot of people.

Lucas Donat, CEO of Donat Wald, has been the creative force behind eHarmony’s television commercials since 2002. He is the creator of the new ad campaign and he says of the eHarmony commercials, “The challenge today is that the public is inundated with ‘fake real’ every day, with so-called reality TV, sponsored blog posts and publicity stunts. People are understandably skeptical about what’s real and what’s not.”

Behind-the-scenes at Donat Wald, our advertising agency, during the web chat portion of TV commercial casting with eHarmony success couple Melanie and Nathan.

To view the commercials and read more about Stephanie and Will, who appear in some of the ads, please check out the Celebration of Love tab on our Facebook page at
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