eHarmony Labs and the Oxford Internet Institute Explore Compatibility Across Cultures

Hello again, it’s Helen from Before eHarmony launched in the UK, we collaborated on a research partnership with the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) at Oxford University. This research studied over 1,000 UK couples to understand the differences and similarities between US and UK relationships.  In December, we previewed the next phase of our research with the OII, as part of a now-annual scientific symposium.

Held over two days in the UK, the eHarmony Labs and OII Symposium provided an opportunity for us to share initial findings with the scientific and media communities on a pan-international study looking at compatibility across cultures. Early indicators from this research show that whilst cultural backgrounds are often incredibly diverse, the ways in which we as individuals describe ourselves and what we desire in a relationship are often very similar.

When looking specifically at how compatible we are across cultures, the research shows there is a high correlation between respondents from certain countries when describing their personality, beliefs and interests. These shared beliefs and outlook indicate that people from certain countries are likely to be compatible in a romantic relationship, despite their cultural differences.

For example, I am pleased to say that people from the US and UK show high levels of shared personality traits, making people from these countries likely to be compatible. Similarly, people from Argentina and Spain, and Mexico and Brazil have high compatibility scores. The research also suggests that people from Mexico and Japan and China and India would potentially be less compatible due differences in personality and beliefs.

I’m afraid I can’t reveal any more at this time as the team at eHarmony Labs, supported by the OII, plans to conduct further research into compatibility across different cultures with an increased number of couples in 2010.  Once this research is complete I will share a full summary of our results.  Stay tuned.

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