eHarmony Couple Saves Woman’s Life on Wedding Day—Dressed as Elvis and Priscilla!

Viva Las Vegas! We knew our success couples were great, but this wedding story takes the cake!  Claudio and Rhanee met on eHarmony and couldn’t help falling in love.  They tied the knot during the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in Las Vegas dressed as Elvis and Priscilla. Married at the 2.5-mile mark of the marathon at a run-through chapel, the couple finished the marathon and celebrated at a local burger joint.

While there, Elvis, AKA Dr. Claudio Palma, noticed a woman who had passed out. He decided it was now or never and immediately rushed in, giving the woman CPR and reviving her before the paramedics came to take her to the hospital. Needless to say, she was “all shook up” when she came to, wondering why Elvis was kissing her.

Congratulations and a job well done, Claudio and Rhanee! Here are some more details about how they met and what went on that day, in Rhanee’s own words:

The moment Claudio and I met, we have been inseparable. Without eHarmony, we would have never met. He is an anesthesiologist and I am in the nonprofit world, helping transitional aged youth with disabilities enter the competitive work force. Our connection is unreal and so are the connections of our kids. He has 2 boys and I have 2 girls from our previous marriages. Our families instantly clicked and we are all so happy as a blended family.

Within a year of meeting, we became engaged. 9 months later, we decided to get married at the 2.5 mile mark of the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half Marathon dressed as Elvis and Priscilla. Immediately after we finished the race, we ate at Burger Bar in Las Vegas. In this restaurant, I saw a woman pass out on the floor, and yelled for Claudio to go to her aid. She was unresponsive, had no pulse and was not breathing. Still dressed as Elvis, Claudio gave her CPR and brought her back to life. When she woke up, the woman was shocked to see that Elvis was in heaven!

Without eHarmony, we would have never met or got married on this particular day dressed as Elvis and Priscilla. eHarmony not only saved this random woman’s life, but has brought life for our new blended family of 6!

Our wedding day was documented on national and international headlines. We can credit this all to you!

Thanks for sharing your awesome story with us, Rhanee.  We wish you and your growing family all the best.

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