eHarmony Advice Milestone: 25,000 Topics

Relationships affect us all, and eHarmony Advice is a great resource for tips and encouragement 24/7 from a supportive community going through similar circumstances. With a wise, caring and helpful group of members, the Advice Community offers dating advice from the “trenches” – along with some fun and friendship, too.

Launched in November 2007, eHarmony Advice recently reached a milestone, exceeding 25,000 topics on our Community Discussion Boards.  Our Community discusses all kinds of subjects, ranging from the practical (profile feedback, match settings, getting the most out of eHarmony features) to the philosophical (“What does it mean when he….”, “How can I know she’s interested?”, etc.)   Come share and get support from other daters like you, read articles, and learn how to maximize your eHarmony experience.


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