eHarmony Advice Groups Provide Something for Everyone

In addition to providing caring and insightful advice on dating and relationship issues, eHarmony’s Advice Community is also a great way to find new friends who share similar life situations and interests.  Many of our Community Members travel out of state for “eH Advice get-togethers” and are enjoying friendships with other members which will last a lifetime.

One of the best ways to find new friends on Advice is to visit our Groups section.  Groups are created and led by Community Members on a huge variety of topics: from Intelligent Conversation to Completely Stupid Conversations and everything in between. Fitness and Shaping Up, Monty Python Fans, Groups for 20-Somethings, 30-Somethings, 40-Somethings, 50-Somethings, 60-Somethings, Hopeful Romantics, Introverts, Australians – you name it, we’ve got it and if we don’t you can create your own Group (registration required) – it’s easy, fun and free.

Visit the eHarmony Advice Community today for support, feedback, friendship and fun.   We’re looking forward to welcoming you aboard!

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