Don’t Be Fooled By Flattery

I just read a post by an Advice user in a new relationship with a guy who showers her with affection and compliments – and this seems to be blurring her judgment a bit.

She wrote in saying he is really “wonderful,” but she is a bit worried about a few things.

1. He told her he is in love after three dates.
2. He told her he’d abandon his son for her, after she had a negative reaction to the news he had a child.
3. He told her he “hated” women for a few  years.
4. He’s already shown signs of anger issues and huge insecurity.

Obviously, she knows something is wrong but is confused because of the attention and praise he is giving her. Her ego is fighting with her intuition…and the blazing hot red flags that I and the rest of the community see here.

I think this is something we can all really learn from.  Do not let compliments or flattery cloud your judgment. We all have a need to feel special, but don’t allow that to blind you from reality. As they say, talk is cheap – so look out for how a potential partner acts and treats others as well.

How many of you have been lured in by a smooth talker?


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