Does It Matter to You If Your Matches Read Books?

For many years eHarmony has had a question on its profile about the last book you really enjoyed. Periodically we get emails from users who say, “Who READS anymore?! Why is this question here?”

I know that the percent of Americans that read books is not in line with consumption of other popular media like film, TV, and music, (Although e-books are raising the overall number of books read) but I’m curious about whether book consumption is important to you, along with these other questions…

1. Do you see the books a person reads as more or less important than the movies they read, the music they like and the television shows they watch?
2. Do you think that reading books are any indicator of intelligence? In all honesty, do you perceive a difference between a person who reads pulp romance novels and a person who watches pulp romance television?
3. What matters more to you a) That a person reads at all. B) That a person reads books that you admire or approve. (Let’s set aside the crazed person that lists Mein Kampf as their favorite book.)
4. Do you read books as a matter of habit?

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