Dear eHarmony: Stephanie & Eli’s Love Story

We love to share the love stories of our amazing couples.  It’s our goal at eHarmony to give all of our Customers this experience.  We hope these stories inspire you as much as they do us!  

Dear eHarmony,

After a six month run on eHarmony, 29-year-old Eli decided to let his membership expire. While the experience had been interesting and entertaining, he hadn’t met anyone compelling enough to keep up the monthly payments. He had a successful job, loving friends and family, plenty of opportunities for adventure and travel. Being single, he decided, was okay. To his surprise, Eli kept receiving matches the day after his membership expired. What he had forgotten was the automatic renewal policy. In that batch of “post expiration” matches was me…and we were married one year and one day later.

Eli and I hit it off from the start. I think what struck us about each other from the beginning was just how much we had in common. We were both the children of parents who were both pastors, heavily involved with service work in our communities, and interested in traveling and living abroad. Eli was always easy to be around. So many pieces of who he was reminded me of where I had come from. We had a comfort and familiarity between us – the kind that makes you wonder if our futures might be connected.

It took us about seven months to answer that question. Since we lived in different states, weekends were our coveted time to spend together. We went to the movies, the circus, the aquarium, comedy shows and hung out with friends. There were hours of nightly phone calls, checking in on each other and enjoying the pleasure of having someone to share that with. Christmas brought our first exchange of “I love you’s” and Valentine’s Day progressed the momentum of feelings and attachment between us. (The 14 consecutive Valentine’s Day cards mailed my way between Feb. 1 and Feb. 14th might have had something to do with that!). With spring came my birthday…and the gift of a lifetime. Eli handed me a plane ticket to join him on a service trip to Togo, West Africa. It would not only be our first trip together, but also our first time working and serving side by side. In May, a week before the big trip, Eli asked me to take the train into NYC after work to meet him for some Friday night salsa dancing. On the way there, we stopped in Times Square at a caricature artist’s station. I curiously watched as she began to draw the two of us together…and then Eli on one knee…and then a diamond in his hand! Eli, grinning from ear-to-ear with tears welling up, followed suit, retrieved a small box out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him right there in Times Square.


Our parents married us three months later in a Poughkeepsie garden overlooking the Hudson River. Precious is how I would describe the day. Rain clouds parted overhead for a patch of blue sky just moments before the ceremony. We released butterflies as a symbol of us being released to each other and the rest of the world. Guests said they had never felt so confident around the future of a couple than they had about us that day as we said our vows. One of the best parts of the day was giving all the single guests eHarmony cards. Who needs to rely on the strange superstitions of retrieving garter belts and tossing bouquets when a team of experts are just waiting to match you with the love of your life?! Over the first few months of our marriage, we have received numerous emails and updates from our single guests who are quite excitedly posting profiles, receiving matches, and meeting who might very well be the other halves to their “stories.”
We are immensely thankful to eHarmony for giving us our Once Upon a Time, and love having the rest of our lives together to see what the rest of the story brings!

Stefanie & Eli
Matched 9/17/08
Married 9/18/09

We recently received a joyful update from the happy couple – join us in congratulating Stefanie & Eli on the birth of their beautiful daughter, Karis Juliet!


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