Dating Don’t: Putting It Off

“I am going to end it, but I need to wait until his birthday’s over” … “I am just waiting for the right time to break it off.” I just had both of these conversations with friends recently, where they tried to figure out when the best time might be to end their failing relationships. I have also watched close friends, male and female, stay in bad situations for months, as life passes them by and they become more and more hopeless.

Breaking up IS very hard to do, and there is never, ever an opportune time to say goodbye. There is also never a better time than the present to end a relationship that you know in your heart is the absolute wrong one for you.

I’m going to go a little Dr. Drew here and remind you of more reasons you shouldn’t put it off:

1. You owe it to yourself to be happy, so don’t remain in an unhappy partnership.

2. Someone else will come along, but they can’t as long as you remain in your current situation.

3. The person you are hoping might change won’t.

4. You are deserving of a great relationship.

5. It’s not going to get any easier breaking it off one, two or three months down the road. In fact, it gets harder the longer you stay emotionally connected to this person.

6. History — and drama — repeats itself.

7. The awkwardness of being alone will only last a very short period — your life will become full again in no time.

8. You aren’t responsible for the other person’s feelings.

This is just a reminder that life is short, so don’t waste precious months or even years with Mr. or Mrs. Wrong. Find every ounce of courage inside and face the music – and your future as a free person!

How did you find the courage to break out of a relationship that wasn’t working?

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