Dating Don’t: Pulling out the ‘Crazy’ Card!

This is a public service announcement on behalf of thousands of women out there: Guys, we really don’t like when you misinterpret our emotions and refer to us as “crazy!”

It often happens when we react strongly to something, get emotional, or heck, even cry. Some men don’t know how to respond, get a little out of sorts, and then utter those fateful words, ”Why are you acting so crazy?” Umm…not a good move.

I like to explain it like this: We amazing women are multi-dimensional, passionate creatures and it is completely healthy to express our wide range of emotions – the good and the bad. Men don’t always feel comfortable doing the same, are often not taught that it’s ok to really express their feelings. In other words, John Gray was very right in that, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”.

My point is, if guys could try to understand that women are different creatures in the emotions department and just remember that, the world would be a much sweeter place for all of us. Oh, and no matter what you do gentlemen, it’s also never a great idea to assume, and tell us, that it must be “that time of the month” when we are in a mood. You can think it — but just don’t say it!

Ladies and gents – would love to hear if you have experienced this and how you got through it together!

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