Dating Don’t of the Day: Cheating

Everyone is talking about cheating today – so thank you Arnold Schwarzenegger for the blog topic – and shame on you!

Anyways, I wanted to address the victims of infidelity, who obviously suffer greatly after learning about their partner’s indiscretion. I have read numerous accounts on our Advice dating boards, where people wonder how they could have prevented their partner from straying – often blaming themselves.

Please remember:

• It is never your fault that your partner cheated. You didn’t drive them to make this poor decision – no matter what they say. They had a choice, made the wrong one and will have to suffer any consequences.

• If this person doesn’t take complete responsibility for their actions and express great remorse – it is more likely they will cheat again.

• Often times the cheating has nothing to do with an inadequate partner, but emotional inadequacies of the culprit him/herself.

• You are allowed as much time as you need to heal.

I love Dr. Gian Gonzaga’s article, Can You Predict if They’ll Cheat, which looks at certain types of individuals more likely to stray.

I would also like to hear from anyone who has been cheated on, how they moved forward and the lessons they learned from the experience.

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