Dating Don’t: ‘And Then He Said…’

I just thought of this dating don’t. I hope I can spare some of you from this situation, if you haven’t already experienced it.

Let’s say you have been dating someone for many months, and you think he/she may be the one. Naturally, this person will do things that really upset you from time to time. A knee-jerk reaction for many of us is to run to our closest friends and tell them every single annoying detail.

I am here to stay – stop, and proceed with caution.

Yes, it is great to have friends as sounding boards. But remember, these confidantes are going to store all of these occurrences and complaints in their memory banks. The best thing I think you can do is to wait a few days before sharing the annoying thing your partner did. Why? Because reacting on emotional impulse isn’t always the best plan.

You can’t take the information back. Your friends might start getting a negative impression of your partner, when it isn’t warranted. They also might share their opinions about your partner, which gets real awkward when things return to their former happy state in your relationship.

Plus, if you are always venting to your pals about your partner, you might not have the energy left to talk to the one person who needs to hear it most – the beloved culprit! So talk to your friends when necessary, but really think about the information you are sharing first – and give it a few days.

Have you done this – shared too much with friends and regretted it?


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