Couples Who Share eHarmony’s Anniversary

It’s Becky again from the Success Stories Team. August 22 is a big day for eHarmony. Not only is the company commemorating our 9th anniversary, but we’re also sharing this day with several eHarmony success couples who will be getting married or celebrating their anniversary. Here’s a list of all the couples we know of who are celebrating tomorrow. If you’re celebrating your anniversary on the 22nd, please let us know so we can share the joy with you!

Happy anniversary to:
1.    Angela and Bruce- 6 years
2.    Lindsey and Stephen- 6 years
3.    Diana and Doug- 5 years
4.    Dana and Renae- 5 years
5.    Robin and Don- 4 years
6.    Deborah and Patrick- 4 years
7.    Josette and Troy- 4 years
8.    Beth and John- 3 years
9.    Sally and Rick- 3 years
10.  Virginia and Robert- 2 years
11.  Justine and Dominick- 2 years
12.  Mary and Raymond- 1 year
13.  Kristi and Kurt- 1 year
14.  Darci and Scott- 1 year
15.  Eve and Daniel- 1 year
16.  Angela and Randall- 1 year
17.  Chandra and Chad- 1 year
18.  Chutharatana and James- 1 year
19.  Tina and Ken- 1 year
20.  Alicia and Sam- 1 year

Congratulations on getting married:
1.    Christina and Mike
2.    Nadine and Scott
3.    Nolita and Sean
4.    Julia and Cory
5.    Alicia and Andrew
6.    Julia and Adam
7.    Amanda and Brian
8.    Elianna and James
9.    Katie and Garrett
10.  Robyn and Richard
11.  Venerria and Benjamin
12.  Jackie and John
13.  Kari and Scott
14.  Shanon and Jessie
15.  Kimberly and Jesse
16.  Jamie and Michael
17.  Jordan and Anthony
18.  Jamie and Reinhard
19.  Tayven and Robert

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