But if There are Millions of People on eharmony, Why Do I Have 102 Matches?


Have you ever wondered how eHarmony makes compatible matches? Have you ever wondered why with millions of people using eHarmony, you have 195 (or 64 or 450) matches? We’ve put together a short video to help explain how we work the magic of compatibility:

It’s not magic, of course. It’s science! Research and machine learning have enabled us to reverse-engineer successful marriages. We looked at hundreds of happy marriages that lasted 20, 30, or 40 years. We studied the dynamics of those relationships and came to understand the traits or dimensions that were similar in all of the happy couples. Those are the 29 dimensions of compatibility that we use to match you with other eHarmony users.

The more you know, the more success you can have on eHarmony. If at the end of the video you have more questions, ask us at questions@eharmony.com.


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