Body language: How to tell if your man is interested

Ladies, have you ever felt like you were in sync with a date?  So much so that when you crossed your legs, he did the same.  When you leaned forward your date did too?  Such subtle body language may be signals that your date is into you.

A recent study looked at how imitation (that is, copying the other person’s behaviors) relates to desires to date or get physical with another person.  Researchers found that men imitated more behaviors and desired the other person if that person was attractive (as judged by outside raters).  Women on the other hand imitated men more when they thought the man was in a position of high status.  However, this wasn’t related to the woman’s desires to date or get physical.

Researchers suggest that imitation is a subtle way to show that you like someone or possibly a way to get them to like you. Ladies, if you’re unsure if a guy is into you, try leaning forward and see if they follow suit.

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