Beware of the Breakup Makeover!

breakup makeoversBreakups are tough, there’s no way around it, and sometimes changing your look can be just the boost of self-esteem you need to nudge the healing process along. However when in the throes of intense post-breakup emotions, it can be easy to go overboard with changes in the interest of grabbing the attention of your ex (think Miley Cyrus’s weight loss, hair cut and barely-there wardrobe choices post-Liam Hemsworth split).

While I completely support using a breakup to evaluate and make some updates to your look, I want to make sure you’re not approaching Miley territory and instead adopting a less-is-more attitude to your makeover. I’ve revealed below a few Dating With Dignity breakup makeover dos and don’ts to channel your breakup emotions in a constructive way and become the 2.0 version of your amazing self.

Do: Adopt A Sexier Wardrobe

Don’t: Bare It All

If clothing is a major makeover focus, make sure to distinguish between sexy and slutty when selecting new garb. You may be tempted to show your ex what he’s missing by flaunting your assets in something skimpy, but doing so not only risks coming across as an obvious ploy to recapture his attention but sends the wrong message to potential new mates. Instead, choose clothing that highlights your best features in a stylish, classy way and you will look and feel all the better for it.

Do: Eat Healthy and Exercise

Don’t: Overdo It

Eating healthy and adopting a regular exercise routine is fundamental to improving how you look and your overall self-confidence (which will in turn make you look EVEN better.) The endorphins and stress outlet provided by a healthy amount of exercise chemically improves your mood and when supplemented with a nutrient-rich, balanced diet, you’ll take on a natural glow that surpasses the one you had when you first met your ex. It can take some time to see results when done in a healthy way, so do not be tempted by extreme weight loss measures. Over exercising and drastically cutting calories may give you the short-term, pound-dropping satisfaction you seek, but will leave you looking sallow, exhausted and unhealthy in the long-term.

Do: Consider A New Hair Color

Don’t: Pick An Unnatural Color

While coloring hair can be a fantastic way to refresh your look, it can also go horribly wrong. The hair color you were born with was the one Mother Nature thought would look best with your complexion, so I strongly advise against changing it drastically. Instead opt for subtle highlights, or a tasteful shade lighter or darker than the one you have now. While it may seem less noticeable to the naked eye, a subtle refresh will make a much lovelier impression.

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Marni Battista, deemed one of the 10 Best Women’s Dating Experts, is the founder and CEO of Dating with Dignity.

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