Avoid This First Date Temptation

You’re nervous, you’re out of your element, and when you feel that way you talk…a lot.

I think this advice is in nearly every dating article we have written: don’t reveal too much about yourself on a first date.

Someone asked me why you shouldn’t share what went wrong in your past relationships or with your exes. I always like to say — less history, more mystery, people!

There are several reasons you don’t want to live in the past on your first date, where you are trying to make a good impression, right?! If you spend the hour dishing about how awful your ex treated you, your date might think you are either: a.) not over it b.) scarred for life or even c.) just a bitter, negative human being.

This first meeting could be the beginning of something new and exciting, so don’t change the tone of the date with your emotional baggage. Put your best foot forward — and think forwardly as well.

I actually think this is something to keep in mind when we are meeting anyone for the first time — date or not. I was at the nail salon the other day, when a woman sitting next to me proceeded to tell me all about her ex, his drinking issues, her next husband, his issues and finally, her current husband. It just sort of screamed “red flags” and “self absorbed” to me. I thought to myself, “Does she not have any friends to talk to?” While I felt bad for her – I also couldn’t wait until her manicure was done.

Time reveals all – let that be the case in your dating life as well.

Has this happened to you? Do you agree that it had a negative impact on the date?

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