Are secret relationships alluring or damaging?

Have you ever had a secret romantic relationship – a covert liaison that you kept from others?  Maybe it was just something you wanted to keep to yourselves – a romantic escapade between just the two of you.  Or maybe it was something you had to keep from gossipy coworkers, critical parents, or disapproving friends.  Although secret relationships can be alluring and sometimes necessary, does the secrecy have further consequences?

Researchers found that 15-33% of dating participants across their multiple studies were currently in a relationship that they hid from at least one other person (Foster & Campbell, 2005).  

There is definitely something to secrecy that is exciting.  For example, in one study, participants were assigned to touch the feet of another partner under the table while playing cards (Wegner, Lane, & Dimitri, 1994).  Those told to do it stealthily, had more attraction for their partner compared to those who performed the action out in the open (in front of other card players).  Click here to continue reading and find out how secret relationships may actually undermine the foundation of your relationship in the long run.

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