A Valentine’s Day Proposal: Jennifer and Jeff’s Story

A Valentine’s Day 2010 engagement capped off a moving dating story for eHarmony success couple Jennifer and Jeff. Their love has shined through good times and through challenging ones. This story touched our hearts, so we wanted to share it with you. Jennifer and Jeff, we send our best wishes for a wonderful life together!

Jeff and I were matched in July 2007. We were 25 years old and had both been single for a year or so. I tried another dating site prior to this with disastrous results, and this was his first time trying online dating. We really enjoyed the entire eHarmony process and took our time getting to know each other that summer through daily emails, instant messages, texts and phone calls. After 2 months we agreed to meet!

It was the most perfect first date! Jeff had done his homework and was in cahoots with my best friend to get information on my favorite local restaurant, favorite flowers, etc. The day of our date, he arrived at my door with pink roses! We then went to a local park and he made it really personalized by bringing some of my favorite things… the Connect Four game and green tea to sip on while we sat outside and enjoyed the sunset over the marina. Later on, we actually went to a restaurant called Sunsets—so fitting! We enjoyed some great conversation and we knew there was definitely a connection!

We started to spend a lot of time together, but then a week later he had to go to Germany for work for 10 days. It seems like a relatively short time now but it seemed forever back then! When he returned to the US on Sept. 22nd, he asked me to be his girlfriend!

Our first year together was full of a lot of positive memorable events. For our first anniversary he even surprised me with a very romantic re-enactment of our first date, it was definitely a walk down memory lane.

Our second year together was full of trials and tribulations. In June 2009, I was laid off from my job, and shortly thereafter I learned that I had potentially cancerous kidney tumors. Jeff was by my side through all of it, supporting me and encouraging me through these ordeals. On September 16th, 2009 our families met each other for the first time. It was the day of my surgery to have these tumors removed. I was admitted to the hospital and spent 12 hours in surgery. Fortunately, the doctors were able to remove the tumors, save my kidney, and told our anxious families it wasn’t cancer!! Jeff says that that was a moment in time he will never forget—seeing our families come together for us and each other, crying and hugging, and knowing that I was going to be ok.

I was in the hospital recovering for a week, a few days in ICU and then in a regular room. Jeff came to visit during every visiting hour and helped me do normal everyday things like shave and wash my hair because I couldn’t do it myself! Even the nurse I had told me that her husband would never do that stuff for her…I felt so blessed to have a wonderful, thoughtful, generous and caring boyfriend.

Our families also helped a lot, bringing dinner when I could finally eat and just coming to visit. Ironically, our 2nd anniversary was the day before I got discharged from the hospital. We made the best of it and Jeff brought another one of our favorite games and we celebrated right there in my hospital room!

I spent another 2 weeks at home and Jeff bent over backwards to make sure would have a restful and speedy recovery. It worked! I was able to go back to work much sooner than expected and my doctor couldn’t believe how fast I was recovering! I know it was because of Jeff and our families’ unconditional love and support.

Two months later, Jeff asked me to go engagement ring shopping. I was thrilled; we had so much to celebrate! We waited until after the holidays and went on my birthday.

Exactly 6 weeks later, on this past Valentine’s Day 2010, he proposed!!  We are beyond thrilled, as are our families, and we are currently planning a destination wedding. We love telling everyone how we met, and we always sing the praises of eHarmony to others. Thank you so much for everything that you do—you have changed our lives forever!

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