A Dog Named Christmas

I saw the sweetest movie this weekend. It was a story about a kid who got everyone in town to adopt a dog from the shelter over the Christmas holiday, so the poor animals didn’t spend those special days alone. Obviously, it wasn’t just the animals who benefitted, but the humans as well.

With all of these gift guides and holiday wish lists running amok, what is better than giving the gift of unconditional love? That is what animals are. It is very likely that  hundreds in your own city need homes.  If you are single this holiday, enhance your own life with a little dog or cat. If you are single and always working – adopt a senior pup or kitty – who will likely sleep the day away. They will be grateful just to cozy up to you in the evenings.

Animals bring us so much joy – and that is what this season is all about.

Other reasons to adopt a pet:

You will take them on walks, which keeps you moving – and healthy.
They lower your blood pressure (except maybe when they rip apart your shoes).
They are a great conversation starter/way to meet new people at the local dog park (really!).
They teach us responsibility – and that life isn’t all about us!

Make sure if you give your partner an adopted animal over the holiday – that they indeed want one. If they don’t, be prepared to take on the responsibility yourself.


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